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Banda Del Padre are active on the local music scene notably for being vocal proponents of traditional flamenco music an its diverse stylistics. Del Padre's album Rubí was received to great acclaim by Bulgarian and international audiences.

Their songs carry messages of passionate love, heartfelt sorrow, and gleeful celebration! In “Portokal” a man can find himself so lustful that he wishes he was a piece of orange floating in his love interest's sangría, hoping for a touch of her pink lips, a chance to melt in her mouth. In “Nube Blanca” (por Bulgarías) the band gives a Bulgarian childhood tune the refined and soulful flamenco treatment coupled with the soaring tone of the Bulgarian kaval, the latter their homegrown addition to their sound. Their CD would be amiss not to include “Arrinconamela”, a popular flamenco “standard”, which the band pulls off fantastically. And the album “Outro” is a groovy instrumental, over which the biography of Nicola Tesla is being narrated. Del Padre's live performances have been characterized by local media as “dynamic, yet soothing; charging, yet cleansing; familiar, yet different; daring, yet putting you at ease.” The unofficial flamenco ambassadors to Bulgaria, Banda Del Padre always invoke the spirit of Spanish music and speak with reverence about flamenco legends, such as the late Paco De Luzia, whose music and performances intially inspired these young musicians to pursue their art. During the band's numerous radio and television audiences they never fail to mention the enourmous debt of inspiration they owe to flamenco musicians. As of this moment, the band is getting ready to take off on another Spring tour, playing in clubs and venues throughout Bulgaria, bringing their love of Spanish music to everyone.